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Theories and Frameworks I’ve seen before

on July 22, 2013

Ever since the creation of the Early Years Learning Framework in 2009 I have been fortunate enough to be involved with it on a daily basis not only through TAFE and University but also at work.  Over the years I have found many helpful websites and none more than this site published by Early Childhood Australia, where I have found the most helpful resource e-learning videos.  This is great for those who are finding it difficult to grasp the concept of the EYLF.  The Talking About Practice section i have found particularly helpful in the early stages of developing my own curriculum.  It gave myself and other educators I worked with an opportunity to listen to others thoughts and feelings allowing us to not feel so overwhelmed.  It gave me a sense of relief  to know that all of my own ideas and views on how the framework could be implemented were supported by others.

The EYLF also gave me the opportunity to question my own values and beliefs.  It also allowed me to develop a new personal teaching and learning philosophy.  The EYLF takes into count a few different theories and theorists, like Piaget and Vygotsky for whom I had already considered but it also made me think about different teaching and learning theories such as the Backward Design theory which i had never considered to be as useful in the Child Care sector as it was for school aged children.  As stated by Sonia Thistlewaite (2013) Educators were overwhelmed and scaffolding children’s individual learning was no longer the only think we had to consider when designing our curriculum we now needed to scaffold as a whole group which is why the Backward Design theory has worked so well.

This leads me to the questions: Whats your perspective?

Have you had any positive or negative experiences with the EYLF?

What other theories or theorists had you considered or not considered before and after the implementation of the EYLF?

For me the main ideas for future action I have from this reflection are;

How can I as an educator and user of ICTs extend and scaffold my knowledge of ICTs to the children within my class?

What theories are directly related to ICT  Pedagogy?


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